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HostGator has lasted a while in the market now. It is no longer a stranger in the world of website hosting and domain management. HostGator has many admirers and this can be attributed to its ease of use, quality and also its good pricing. It is simple to use, affordable and offers a very good customer support system for its users. The speed is very fast, and it is better than most of its competition. In order to fully appreciate the services of HostGator, the individual components of its operation will be discussed in the next paragraphs.


Hostgator Coupons

Features/web hosting plans

HostGator offers you a lot of web hosting plans. It does not really matter which plan you decide to go with because all the plans are loaded with mind-blowing features that will get you excited. It has an in-built marketplace that offers you so many add-ons that will help you to make your website more secure. It also helps to give your users a sense of protection when they are on your website. HostGator also offers you an opportunity to move your website from another host. All you have to do is to put your website in HostGator, after you do that, you request for host migration. This will take a couple of days but the system will do the migration and you do not have to do anything. The panel used by HostGator is cpanel. This is a very common panel and because of this, during migration you will not lose anything on your website. Everything will be moved accordingly. However if you are starting a new website, you can use a website builder to make your website on HostGator. If you are starting a new website, any of the plans will give you an opportunity to  web host for free.

Different plans give you different features, there are some plans that come with features such as SiteLock mad CoatGuard. However most of the plans come with tools like SEO certificates. Also in addition to this, you can install WordPress and the likes to get very beautiful themes. There are several other features like one-click installation and many more. These are some of the basic features of HostGator.

  • Ease of use

Using HostGator is very simple. Its panel which is known as the cpanel makes navigation to be simple and precise, you can find almost anything, and it is easy for newcomers to navigate. It is a common trend among web hosts to make signing up a herculean task but that is not true for HostGator, signing up on HostGator can be likened to a walk in the park.

The layout of the website gives you everything you need to know. If you have been in the website business, you will know that you hardly see web hosting companies outlining all there plans on a single page. However HostGator breaks that trend by showing all their plans on a single page, this saves you time and allows you to make your choice quickly. When you first sign up, you will see the cpanel platform then you will notice a sidebar that shows you other areas you will be interested in like customer support, pricing and much more. Also, you will find the HostGator marketplace in the sidebar. The beauty is HostGator is the fact that all its components are laid out in front of you. It is not complex, does not require you to open endless tabs. So when it comes to ease of use, there is basically no other website host that could compete with Hostgator.


The next thing to talk about is speed. When you own a website, the last thing you would want is a slow website. If the website is slow, then you will end up frustrating your users. If HostGator is your web host, then you need not worry about speed. The speed of the website is dependent on many factors. But one of the important factors is your web host. With HostGator, the average loading speed of your page will be at about 3.2seconds. This figure was reached after various tests were carried out on various websites. The truth is that this is a very good speed, most web hosts cannot even give you this amount of the speed. So when it comes to speed, HostGator is very reliable.


Uptime is very important in website management. If you have a business website or blog, you will not want to have so much downtime. If your website is down most of the time, your users will quit visiting your website or blog, and you will lose clientele. Some very good web hosts cannot brag of an uptime of about 90%. If this is calculated, it can be said that in a whole year, your downtime will be about 3 days tops. The case is different with HostGator. HostGator gives you 99.99% uptime. This means that in a whole year, your website cannot be down for up to 3hours at a stretch. It almost excludes the possibility of downtime. This is actually one of the major reasons why HostGator is the best web host in the market.

Customer Support

If you are new to website development and management, you will need all the support you can get. HostGator makes sure that her customers get every help they need. You can communicate with HostGator via email, live chats or calls. Irrespective of the medium of communication, your requests will be handled immediately it is received. HostGator has over 800 members of staff. All of these staff members make sure that you have a wonderful experience and they are all at your service. So, HostGator offers you timely customer support. However, with the increase in the number of HostGator users, you may have to exercise a little patience before your problem is solved.


HostGator is very affordable; it has something for everybody. The amount of money you spend on plan corresponds to the feature you will get on that plan. There are basically three major plans on HostGator, the cheapest of those plans may appear to be $1 more expensive than that of BlueHost. But when you look at all the features you are getting like the SiteLock monitoring and others; you will realize that HostGator is actually cheaper. When you look at the cloud hosting plan of HostGator, you will discover that it is $2 cheaper than that of its competition. This can also be said about the WordPress hosting. In summary, it can be said that the prices of plans on HostGator is affordable.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

1) it has Unlimited Disk space

2) Unlimited Bandwidth

3) Unlimited Domains

4) Has cpanel Interface

5) 99.99% uptime

6) 45 Day money back guarantee.

  • Cons:

1) Customer support is a bit slow

2) Website performance is not 100%

3) Restoring data from backup require you to pay an extra fee.

4) It is not the cheapest option in the market.


HostGator vs. competition

  • GoDaddy

HostGator and GoDaddy are both very good web hosting sites. In the aspect of speed and uptime, HostGator beats GoDaddy while GoDaddy comes out top in the area of website performance.  When you talk about customer support, there is a Tue because both companies have their advantages and disadvantages. In pricing, HostGator is better with their prices. At the end of the day in comparing two of them, one could go with HostGator, but it’s a close call.

  • BlueHost

When compared with BlueHost, HostGator has a formidable competitor. They both have great features and they have good prices. The difference is quite small but the end is that HostGator is a better company

  • Vs SiteGround

At one time in history, HostGator was a far better option than Siteground. But as the day goes by, SiteGround has been upgrading her services. Starting from the customer care, to the website speed and also website performance. In the area of customer support, they are better than HostGator. Also in the area of website performance and also the price of the plans and packages.  However when it comes to website speed, they are both fast and it could be called a tie. But in the area of website uptime, HostGator is the champion. It is true that SiteGround is developing everyday but with HostGator you will have better website uptime, speed and also affordable prices

  • Vs DreamHost

When comparing DreamHost to HostGator it’s obvious that HostGator is better because ur has better features, prices and also it’s easier to navigate. So HostGator is better

  • Vs iPage

iPage only offers one went hosting plans that has various features. While HostGator offers a range of web hosting plans that gives you a variety. iPage is cheaper than HostGator and the speed is faster too. In the area if uptime, HostGator comes out on top. For newbies, iPage may be a good option to try out but if you are experienced, HostGator is the best bet for you.

  • Vs. WPEngine

These two companies are good, and they offer very good services. However, WPEngine Is more expensive than HostGator and that is while most persons choose HostGator over it. Apart from that most of their attributes are basically the same.

  • Vs. In Motion

If you compare In Motion to HostGator, it is pretty close, but HostGator is superior slightly in ease of use, features, and pricing. They are equal in all the other areas. One can say that HostGator is better than In motion.  That’s basically all you need to know about HostGator.